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Trafsys-days 2022

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Trafsys-days 2022
Trafsys-days 2022

Tid og sted

06. okt. 2022, 10:00 – 07. okt. 2022, 15:00

Åndalsnes, Åndalsnes, Norge

Om arrangementet

Trafsys together with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) are inviting to a tunnel safety/ tunnel equipment seminar in the wonderful Åndalsnes. A program where Trafsys will demonstrate  Evacsound in the well-known Runehamar test facility (road tunnel). We will also be greeted with presentations from important Norwegian industry actors like Nye Veier, Sintef, Skanska and Eviny. 

Detailed program and registration will be available later, so stay tuned.

You can already register your interest for the Trafsys-days 2022 by e-mail 

Runehammer test tunnel

The Runehammer tunnel has been used for important fire experiments since 1984. Now it is also used for training personel from the fire service, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Norwegian National Rail Administration.

The tunnel gained international interest in 2003 when it was selected for full-scale trials in the international pilot project UpTun. Runehammer has contributed to important research in the development of water and frost protection, as well as the development of active fire systems for road tunnels and other underground structures.

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