Norwegian Tunnelling Network (NTN) companies provide a wide range of services in the field of development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of tunnels and underground facilities. NTN is established to provide commercial services to international clients and customers.

The network consists of various product and equipment manufacturers, consultants, contractors (including special techniques providers) as well as public sector authorities and academic and research institutions.

Research & Consulting


SINTEF is a broad, multidisciplinary research organization with international top-level expertise in the fields of technology.


Eivind Grov

Product Supplier & Consulting


AMV offer engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation services, and heavy machinery for tunneling and infrastructure on the market.


Per Gunnar Andersen

Contractor & Mining Owner

Leonhard Nilsen & sønner AS

LNS is both a construction contractor, a mining contractor and a mining owner. LNS combines the best of both the construction industry and the mining industry in its projects.


Frode Nilsen

Product Supplier

Protan AS

Protan delivers ventilation duct systems for all sizes and lengths of tunnels and for cavern and mine excavations.


Pål Fossum

Service Supplier

EMerald Geomodelling AS

EMerald Geomodelling is a tech company dedicated to revealing unknown ground conditions, helping large infrastructure projects to reduce the need for intrusive ground investigations.


Andi A. Pfaffhuber

Product Supplier

Vik Ørsta AS

Vik Ørsta AS delivers a wide range of permanent and immediate corrosion protected rock bolts with 100 years durability.


Per Svein Krøvel

Product Supplier

Skum Tech AS

Skum Tech AS delivers PE-foam sheet for prevention of water and frost in tunnels. Complete systems, including permanent bolt fixation to supported rock contour.


Svein Jonsson

Product Supplier

Lundgrens Norge AS

Lundgrens is a manufacturer of wide range of borehole packers for ground investigations and soil- and rock grouting, including high pressure expanders for hard rock.


Odd Nordli

Road Authorities

Statens vegvesen

The NPRA is responsible to develop and operate large part of the road network, but also to develop and review standards and requirements.


Oddvar Kaarmo

Research and Academy

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

NTNU is a university with an international focus and a main profile in science and technology, a variety of programs of professional study. 


Bjørn Nilsen



Sweco plans and designs and offering qualified services in the fields of consulting engineering, environmental technology and architecture. Long experience in underground projects. 


Jan Rohde

Product Supplier

Devico AS

Devico deliver a range of top quality instruments including directional core barrelcore orientation equipment, and both magnetic and non-magnetic downhole survey instruments.


Frank Finseth


K. Garshol

Rock Engineering Ltd

Expert adviser in rock mechanics, rock support, ground water control and general tunnelling issues. Conflict and expert witness services.


Knut F Garshol

Product Supplier

Timer Solutions AS

Timer Solutions AS delivers Water, fire, and frost -proofing tunnels and underground constructions in the most safe, environmentally, cost-effective and sustainable way.


Morten Nesheim

Service Supplier

Norhard AS

Norhard AS is a fully integrated service provider for drilling and lining solutions onshore, utilizing in house technology development and manufacturing. 


Askjell Tonstad

Expert Adviser & Consultant

Søvik Consulting

Sovik Consulting provide expert advice and offer consultancy services in the field of infrastructure and tunnel, and facilitate exchange of knowledge and experience.


Arild Petter Sovik

Research & Consulting

Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)

Norway's leading geotechnical specialist community and an international centre for research and consultancy in engineering geosciences.


Roger Olsson

System Supplier

Bever Control AS

Bever Control AS is a recognized international supplier of computerized control and monitoring systems for drilling rigs in mining and tunnel operations.


Thorvald Wetlesen jr.


Rambøll AS

Rambøll is a global consultant in Construction & Architecture, Transport & Urban Development, Energy, Water, Environment & Health and Management consulting.


Ida Soon Bergh

Service Supplier

Geofrost AS

Geofrost is a geotechnical contractor delivering solutions based on ground freezing and competence about frozen soil.


Anne-Lise Berggren


PAB Consult AS

Management and consulting for tunnels and caverns by D&B in hard rock.


Per Anton Brandtzæg

Product Supplier

Pretec Group AS

Pretec Group AS produce and offer high quality rock anchor bolts with particularly long service life using PC-Coat corrosion protection. 


Even A. Karlsen

Product Supplier

Monark AS

Monark AS is producer of a complete range of Rock Drilling Tools.


Rune Hellingsrud