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Opportunities in Chile

Oppdatert: 3. mai 2021

In October 2020, the Norwegian Tunnelling Network (NTN) responded to an invitation from the Chilean authorities, where NTN presented Norwegian methods, technology and experience in planning, construction and operation of tunnels.

We have received great feedback on our contributions so far and the Chilean authorities have expressed that Norwegian methods, technology and experiences are highly relevant for tunnel projects in Chile.

A potential for Norwegian exports of products and services to Chile has been identified. The potential lies in several sectors and several disciplines, and is considered very interesting.

The Chilean authorities see many similar conditions and challenges, which provides a competitive advantage for Norway. Our suppliers can offer experience and give references to relevant projects, and deliver well-developed methods and technology, suitable for the Chilean market.

Studies conducted by The International Tunneling Association (ITA) show that the Latin American market has remained stable in recent years with an annual investment in tunnel projects of 3.1 billion euros. Chile is a large nation in this context and Chile's production is estimated to just under 600 million euros per year. year. In comparison, Norway's annual tunnel production is estimated to 836 million euros, in the same study.

A cooperation agreement has been signed between Chile and Argentina, The Maipu Integration and Cooperation treaty. From this co-operation agreement, letters of intent have been signed for 3 major transport projects;

  • Agua Negra Tunnel Project (1,5 milliarder dollar),

  • Las Leñas Tunnel Project (1,67 milliarder dollar),

  • Trans-Andean Base Tunnel Project (3,5 milliarder dollar).

Three large tunnel developments through large massive mountain ranges, are certainly interesting for our experts and suppliers.

Chilean authorities estimate new projects are starting annually and give references to a large portfolio of tunnels under planning. Rehabilitation of tunnels is a large part of the portfolio.

There are major investment projects in the mining and in the hydropower industry, also relevant for Norwegian tunnel and underground industry.

In dialogue with Norwegian experts, the supplier market and national authorities (Innovation Norway), we see opportunities to move forward with an initiative to facilitate practical activities to exchange knowledge and experience and promote export of products, services, systems and equipment to the Chilean market.

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