"High Performance Tunnelling achieved by Innovation, Development, Knowledge and Technology".

NTN companies provide a wide range of services in the field of development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of tunnels and underground facilities. NTN is established to provide commercial services to international clients and customers.

Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Education and Research
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Research and Consulting
Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)

Engineering and Design
Sweco Norge AS

Rambøll AS

Consultants , Advisors & Contractors
K. Garshol Rock Engineering Ltd. - Rock mechanics, rock support, ground water control and general tunnelling advice.
PAB Consult AS - Managment and consulting within general tunnelling.

GEOFROST AS - Ground stabilization and water proofing by ground freezing. Consultant and Contractor.
Leonard Nilsen & Sønner AS (LNS) - Mining and tunnelling Contractor.

Norhard AS - Remote controlled steering and drilling of very long micro tunnels through rock and soil, up to 1.2 m diameter.

Devico AS - Directional core drilling is an investigation method that allows core sampling along a defined trajectory, providing extremely accurate and relevant information about the rock formation near the planned underground construction

EMerald Geomodelling AS - Airborne geoscanning to reveal potentially critical ground conditions to pinpoint high priority locations for core drilling, thus reducing the need and speeding up investigations.

Andersen Mek. Verksted AS (AMV) - Drilling jumbos and other tunnelling equipment
Bever Control AS - computer controlled tunnelling
Pretec AS - permanent rock support combination bolts, water and frost proofing
Protan AS - ventilation ducting/systems
Skumtech AS - membrane and PE-foam systems
Vik Ørsta AS - permanent rock bolts and accessories

Monark AS - manufacturer of a complete range of Rock Drilling Tools

Timer Solutions AS - Permanent monolithic frost-, fire- and waterproofing of tunnels and underground facilities with 6 cm overall thickness. Lifespan +120 years. Low Life-Cycle cost

Lundgrens Norge AS - Bore hole packers for both ground investigation and grouting, including disposable high-pressure expanders