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NTN contributes to the Nordic Road Association (NVF) in Åndalsnes, Norway

The Nordic Road Association (NVF) committee on tunnels met in Åndalsnes to discuss tunnel operation and safety issues. I had the opportunity to talk about the fine work the Norwegian Tunnelling Network does in international markets. Our member, Trafsys, demonstrated the latest developments regarding tunnel safety equipment in Norway's famous Runehammer test tunnel. All the Nordic nations, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, gave updates on projects and recent work concerning tunnels and tunnel safety. 

On Thursday, we had a full-day meeting and dining above Åndalsnes, and the venue, Eggen Restaurant, is 708 meters above sea level on top of the Nesaksla mountain above Åndalsnes. An experience with a 360-degree view of majestic peaks such as Romsdalshorn, Store Vengetind, and Kirketaket.

Since 2003, the 1,550-metre Runehamar tunnel has been used as a test tunnel for some of Europe's most important and largest fire tests. Today, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration makes the tunnel available and facilitates the industry's testing of new concepts and technologies.

Trafsys demonstrated Evacsound in Runehammer tunnel, a system that uses psychoacoustic effects to deliver an intuitively understood direction of evacuation. The evacuation message thus does not become language-dependent, and the system can also be used as an effective PA system for voice-based communication. The system units can also be equipped with heat sensors for fire detection and light panels for visual assistance.

Overall, it was a great experience. The Nordic nations learned from each other, strengthened their cooperative bond, and experienced one of the most beautiful areas of Norway.

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