Norwegian Tunnelling Network (NTN)


NTN is a business network established by members of the Norwegian Tunnelling Society (NFF), the professional association of the rock blasting and tunnelling industry of Norway, offering cost saving efficient solutions.

NTN is a network of companies and major stake holders within the Norwegian Tunnelling Society.

The NTN members represent public clients, science & research institutions, education, engineering & design, consultants, contractors and suppliers.

The network is managed by a board of 5 members, including one member appointed by the Board of NFF.  The Network Director coordinates and manages market activities and conveys requests from the international market back to the appropriate partners, as well as facilitating direct contact.

Board Members: Per Gunnar Andersen, President; Ida Soon Brøther Berg, VP;
Thorvald Wetlesen Jr, VP; Rune Hellingsrud, VP; Morten Nesheim, VP.

Network Director: Arild P. Søvik

NTN encourages and coordinates commercial export of Norwegian Tunneling Technology to the international markets.

NTN communicates knowledge and opportunities from the international tunneling industry back to the Norwegian industry.

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Largest - Longest - Deepest

Gjøvik cavern

The worlds largest rock cavern for public use.
When Lillehammer was to be host for the XVII Olympic Winter Games in 1994 it was decided to place some of the arenas in neighbouring cities, one of which is Gjøvik. The hall was to be a multi-purpose arena useable for instance for icehockey, figure skating, curling and swimming as well as for conferences, exhibitions and fairs, though not all at once, and with a capacity for 5 000 sport-spectators.

Eiksund Tunnel,

the deepest subsea road tunnel in the world The Eiksund Tunnel is a 7776 m long subsea tunnel on the north-west coast of Norway. The tunnel will shorten the travel distance and time between the mainland and Hareidlandet island. The world's deepest undersea road tunnel, reaching a depth of 287 m below mean sea level at its deepest point was opened for traffic in 2008

Lærdal tunnel

is the worlds longest road tunnel. The 24,5 km long tunnel stretches between Aurland and Laerdal on the new main highway connecting Oslo and Bergen. The tunnel was completed in year 2000.