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Introducing Norwegian Tunnelling - Universidad de Chile

Oppdatert: 16. nov. 2023

12th of July, Eivind Grøv from SINTEF presented Norwegian tunnelling to students in Chile. An important step in the process to start an academia collaboration and share competence, experience, technologies and methods between Chile and Norway. The Norwegian Tunnelling Network were invited by the Education Continua Ingenieria Civil - ECIC, Diploma de Postitulo en Tuneles y Espacios Subterraneos.

Photo: Universidad de Chile/ Norwegian Tunnelling Network (Illustration)

A collaboration between universities is important to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience between international industries. Through collaboration in research, facilitation of studies, sharing of learning capacity, exchange of students and internships in projects, a unique interaction for learning can be created. In our investment in the Chilean market, we wish to facilitate to an ecosystem for learning, which benefits both the Norwegian and Chilean industries.

The presentation is available on Youtube:

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