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Meeting mining industry actors in Santiago

Oppdatert: 2. jul.

In April 2024, we continued our dialog with clients and future partners in Chile. A whole week of meetings in Santiago gave us great results. We have revealed great opportunities to deliver expert advisory services to the mining industry and possible contractor services and pilot projects.

Photo: "Santiago", Arild P. Sovik, Norwegian Tunnelling Network

Mining companies wish to bring in Norwegian experts to establish a high-quality tunneling culture for their future.

As part of this visit, we focused on finding suitable partners for the Norwegian companies, which revealed even more opportunities.

During the visit, the Norwegian team, including the ambassador, successfully met with Julio Cuevas Ross, Projects Vice President, and his team. This meeting was a significant step towards discussing potential future collaboration between Codelco and Norway.

Our next step is to build on our dialog with momentum from the mining industry at Exponor 2024 in Antofagasta from June 3rd to June 6th. As part of the May-June visit, we plan to meet with industry actors the week before to further our discussions.

At Expono 2024, Team Norway will host a stand and make presentations to introduce us to the entire mining industry in Latin America. The embassy will fully support us, and the ambassador will be in Antofagasta.

We have also invited mining companies to Norway to observe Norwegian tunnel production and learn how Norwegian companies achieve excellent tunneling results. The first Chilean mining company is scheduled to visit Norway in August 2024.

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