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Meeting stakeholders, future partners and clients in Chile

29th to 31st March 2023, the Norwegian team of experts met stakeholders, future partners and clients in Santiago/ Rancagua, Chile. We brought with us an initiative to start a collaboration with the Chilean tunnelling industry, where we invite into a collaborative innovation project, challenging the industry with a new approach in cost-effective tunnelling.

Photo: Arild Petter Sovik, Norwegian Tunnelling Network (visit to El Teniente, Codelco, 29th March 2023)

A working group, consisting of relevant experts from Norway and Chile will investigate how principles of Norwegian tunnelling can be implemented in Chilean projects. A report will be made, forming the basis for a pilot in the chilean tunnelling industry. We discussed possible projects and presented the Norwegian approach in a detail, using examples and recent experiences from Norway.

We also met possible partners and discussed future opportunities. For the Norwegian approach, it is important to find suitable partners to find common grounds for collaboration, highlighting the use of local knowledge and experience.

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