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Successful meetings with stakeholders in Chile

Oppdatert: 28. aug. 2022

In march 2022, Norwegian Tunnelling Network, together with Innovation Norway and NTNU/SINTEF met industry stakeholders in Santiago, preparing activities later this fall in Chile.

NTN in collaboration with Innovation Norway have started a High Potential Opportunities (HPO) Project, which is a new demand-driven export program, where the entire Norwegian support apparatus contribute to increase Norwegian exports and a long term cooperation with authorities, universities and commercial actors in Chile.

At the visit in March, we started a dialogue with authorities and key stakeholders, 17 meetings in total. In addition we clarified administrative matters, academic content and completed information in our market study.

Photo: Preparation Team in meeting with Universidad de Chile (UDC) in Santiago

The trip also included a dialog with 4 universities, where we discussed exchange of knowledge and experience. A long term cooperation, where the universities will contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective tunnelling industry in both Norway and Chile. Through facilitation of studies, sharing of learning, exchange of students and facilitating internships in projects, the HPO Chile project aim to facilitate an ecosystem for learning, and make benefits for both the Norwegian and Chilean tunnelling industry.

We also met the Chilean Tunnelling Committee (CTES), which represent the majority of the chilean tunnelling industry, which are an important partner for us in the oncoming activities.

In September 2022, we invite Norwegian stakeholders and suppliers to Santiago to meet universities, research organizations, clients and the entire Chilean tunnel industry, to discuss projects, methods, technology and latest experiences from Norway and Chile.

What is HPO?

High Potential Opportunities (HPO) is a new demand driven export program where Team Norway at large (public business support institutions, ministries, embassies, business clusters and business organizations) will assist Norwegian companies to win big international commercial contracts (above 500 mill NOK). Together with Team Norway, Innovation Norway has a central role in finding, validating, executing and coordinating public support and assistance.

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